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Mon, Oct. 6th, 2008, 11:21 pm

Club Kajal is alive and it's in Stockholm!
The main floor was pretty dire with too-mainstream 80s music that provoked people to do the conga. In a sideroom, though (which was basically used for people passing thru on their way to the terrace), all the good synthpop was being played, and we (hi, Emilia!) conveniently turned the space into our private dance floor.
If you happen to be in Stockholm and you're in the mood for clubbing, make sure to not miss this one, as I believe the club's every Friday!

As you could've guessed already, I've spent another marvellous weekend in Sweden!
While trying not to go into all the inevitable mushy stuff, we spent again quite some time in lovely bars and restaurants, shopped in another fantastic record store (but no Sparks 12"s, sorry Emmi!), had an impromptu double-date with a Dutch couple, who were in the middle of their very fashionable trek-thru-Sweden-in-an-oldtimer-Volkswagen-minibus, and visited the (packed) national museum, which saw the unexpected surprise of a room featuring French impressionists - it was pretty emotional to see all my favorites at last, although it was actually Renoir, and not Monet, which touched me the most.

Counting down now until the next time we'll see again... 24 days to go

Sun, Sep. 28th, 2008, 06:02 pm

Every other weekend I watch tediously boring, dull, dull Formula One in the vain hope something exciting will happen for a change. Later tonight I was gonna give it another go, but having just returned from a bike ride, I've found out the race is already over and done with.
It's particularly frustrating since this time apparently lots of things did happen, including my fave F1 driver (hi, Niko!) finishing second.

Note to myself: if a race takes place late in the evening somewhere in Asia, chances are you won't be able to catch it live anymore late in the evening when being in Europe.

In an attempt to cheer myself up, I'm gonna be selfish and put up a picture of the latest car I managed to finish just the other day, so it will show up on every page of those who've befriended me here! It's a 10cm version of Niko's daddy's car too

Sat, Sep. 27th, 2008, 05:28 pm

I've received complaints about not keeping my lj up-to-date, so I'm pulling myself together here in an effort to make an, erm, effort. Ironically, the biggest complainer is actually the same person who's kept me from updating in the first place (hi, Emilia)! Being in a happy relationship hasn't given me lots of lonely moments in which I usually used to post...

Anyway, with Emilia being in Sweden on an student exchange program which isn't really a student exchange program, I've been left with plenty of time for myself again. No loneliness though, because even though I do miss her, I'm still happy knowing we have each other.

But enough with the mushiness already!
I've been keeping myself pretty buzy... Finally got a deep fryer, as a gift for my birthday, so I can live the Belgian life here in Finland at last! Had a pretty succussful baptism of the machine last weekend, making Belgian "French" fries for a small party and am hoping for more events to come.

Then last Thursday I enjoyed one of the best Club Anvils in a long time. It being a seemingly non-stop 80s fest, I couldn't drag myself away from it. I ended up staying till 4, despite knowing I had to get up at 8 again the next morning. I did manage pretty well though at work.

Moving from one masculin topic (hot, burning oil!!! smoke & sweat!!!) to another, I've unleashed myself on the world of motorsports once again. Some of you may think I'm sort of borderline already with my interest in car racing, but you should see me now! I'm finishing two model cars and starting a third one all at once, while reading several books and magazines on the side.
I've actually just finished one book on 1980s Group B rallying and was surprised to hear Henri Toivonen is burried at Espoo's old church. Having lived and studied in Espoo centre for four years, I've managed to totally miss out on that one somehow. A pilgrimage is beckoning!

Less than a week to go to my second visit to Stockholm to be reunited with Emilia, albeit only for the weekend. Basing myself on how things went the first time, I'm in for another great time

Mon, Mar. 3rd, 2008, 10:27 pm

Another successful weekend over and done with!
On Friday we got a role reversal, as I got to sleep over at my girlfriend's place for the first time, rather than having her occupying my bed. I'm not sure whether she asked for her mom's permission, though. I hope it won't get akward, because I'd really like to get invited back for stead and fries some time!

Anyway, I've been reaching some post-30s milestones lately too. On Saturday I was dj'ing in a bar (as opposed to in a place with a dancefloor) for the first time, while today my knee was aching all day long (and it still is actually).
Actually, the bar-thingie was good fun, even though I felt exposed under the light and all. I got to play lots of songs I'm sure (almost) no-one would want to dance to in a club. My roomie was happy, my girlfriend was happy and I made a stranger in the crowd happy (hello, fattie!), which is all one needs

Sun, Feb. 10th, 2008, 01:48 pm

I've added some new stuff to eBay. A bit more of a mixed bag this time. Don't think any of you that I know will be interested in any of this, but if I'm mistaken, let me know so we can make a deal (which will probably include me quite literally throwing the cd at you!).

Tue, Feb. 5th, 2008, 08:39 pm

I'm selling my Orkus compilations and several EBM/Futurepop/Industrial albums from 2000-2004 on eBay because I've become to find them utterly crap! Having said that, if you do happen to like this sort of stuff, that last comment was no criticism of your taste in any way. So please feel free to go for it and bid away. Thanks!

Click here or look for user maxzorin1985

Sat, Feb. 2nd, 2008, 03:26 pm

I've now seen CMX in concert as often as I have seen Roxy Music, which is somewhat absurd. Still, I think it allowed me to get on live TV, so I suppose it was worth it.
Really, it wasn't that bad! I got to eat lots of candy, watch my girlfriend on TV (hi, Emilia!) and got invited to have a sauna at one of the band member's home.

The evening was a good warm-up for the new Kajal-slash-Mascara. Club Millionaire is so amuzingly tacky and if the right people show up (ie. not just randy middle-agers) I'm sure it can be good fun. I did have a great time yesterday (hi, Johanna! hi, Anne!) and I'm already looking forward to next week (minus the amateur drag trannies)

Wed, Jan. 23rd, 2008, 05:50 pm

I think I got tagged by atomic_moog(not sure, though), so spineless as I am, I have to do

Mon, Dec. 31st, 2007, 01:44 pm

What did I get myself involved with?
After having a good old chat last evening with my girlfriend, I found out she'd enjoy getting shagged by Ronald McDonald while having a monkey tied to her back, giving birth to Eric Clapton's child. Sick

Wed, Dec. 26th, 2007, 06:17 pm

Damn, damn, damn!!!

When I got back from Christmas-shopping-for-myself earlier today, I found out that my parents' record player doesn't work anymore. Now, I can wait to have a listen to my Peter Gabriel and Robert Palmer vinyls, ea., but I was really eager to put on Don Johnson's "Heartbeat" (the album, not the 12", so there's even more candy for my ears on it)! I'm gonna have to hold on for at least 50 more hours before I can finally play it.
I wonder if it works as music-to-have-nookie-to

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