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Mon, May. 4th, 2009, 08:46 pm

It's been since Keke's birthday that I've posted something here, shame on me!

I surprised myself by celebrating Vappu for the first time in about seven years. I usually boycot the event for the obvious reason(s), but I suppose crashing a fantastic Queen's Day party at the Dutch embassy the Wednesday before and the prospect of seeing Roger Moore on the Sunday after put me in good spirits.

Having skillfully avoided the loonies when venturing outside early Thursday evening and early Friday morning (hiding in the safety of my own home in between those times), and generally having spent time with the right people, have made this a Vappu to repeat, actually.

Getting to see Sir Roger was definitely another highpoint of my life.
Despite having been some sort of racing driver groupie during my Belgium-years, I've never been into hunting down musicians, actors, et al for photo- and autographs. It was exciting to follow around His Rogeness for a day and I was pretty miffed at getting turned away twice by his manager-slash-bodyguard type of human while trying to approach the R-ster for a good old chat.
At least I can lay claim to having enjoyed a drink in the same bar as the R Man and to his "darling wife" having smiled at me (although, in hindsight, I'm not sure anymore whether she did so because of my dashing good looks or out of pity for knowing I'd get turned down).
And also, I wish people will start to realize James Bond is an action thriller, not a comedy, but judging by the inappropriate laughters throughout "For your eyes only", it seems this realization won't be coming any time soon!

Oh yes, and in between it all I managed to attend another Club Anvil. The plan of staying all night (as for once there wouldn't be a work day following it) failed, though, as the mood got killed by a tad too many tecno-sounding ditties.

Tomorrow flat-hunting again, hoping the agent won't be such a xenophobic twat as the previous one