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Thu, Oct. 23rd, 2008, 08:28 pm
Something's gotten hold of my heart and it isn't Gene

Who was I fooling?
Trying to keep away from the midnight premiere of the new Bond and forcing myself to go watch it for the first time only the next evening, pretending I've got things well under control still... Right, perhaps it is time to admit Bond fever has hit!

I just had to go out and get the new Roger Moore autobiography "My word is my bond" (How utterly witty, isn't it just?), only to find out the bookstore had one copy of the latest installment of "Bond on set", a photographic behind-the-scene book which accompanies each new Bond. Well, they did only have that one copy, surely one can understand why I had to buy it there and then!
I had to ask my flatmate to hide the book from me, though, as I want to be kept away from browsing it before I get to see the movie. The last thing I need is some peeks at what to expect.

I guess I'm writing this entry to break the news to parties concerned (hi, Emilia!) that I'm throwing money out of the window again! In my defence, I would've had to buy this book at some point anyway and now that I've got it done and over with, my budget for next month is in actual fact larger.
Also, I'll be living on toast from now on, so no need to worry I can't take aforementioned parties out for dinner and such this month