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Wed, Oct. 22nd, 2008, 09:11 pm

Finally bought my ticket(s) for Friday 7 November's "Quantum of solace". I'm dragging Davy along, who will be visiting me from Belgium over the weekend, and I'm gonna have to hang on until 18.45, which means I'll be missing out on 14 screenings before I get to see the new Bond for the first time. A quick calculation leads me to estimate that some 877,637 Finns will see the movie before me then!
I'm trying to get off to a sensible start, though, as I feel I'm gonna want to break my number of "Casino Royale" viewings (for which I went to the theatre a respectable seven times).

Things have been running along smoothly here otherwise. Been churning out another model car, although I'll spare you the picture links this time (unless you insist, of course), booking another flight to Stockholm for next month, and eagerly awaiting Emilia's mid-term break in Finland before that (next week already, yay!).
What with my dj-gig in Anvil coming up, the usual nightmares have started again! I like to think I don't get nervous before dj'ing, but every time a gig is due I get these dreams where I have to play my CDs on a three-in-one radio-tape-and-cd deck or where I realize the moment I start playing that I only brought 10 or so discs with me.

Here's to next week then

Thu, Oct. 23rd, 2008 11:30 am (UTC)

I had a dream just the other day where I had to play on my own, because Varpu had left me alone at the DJ booth. I had only crappy CD's with me and, on top of that, all the songs were in the wrong order on the CD's, so I kept playing songs I didn't intend to play. I also played the whole 18 minutes of "MacArthur Park Suite" by Donna Summer. Yikes.