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Sat, Mar. 20th, 2010, 05:23 pm

Could someone explain to me the importance of Villa Nah? Sure, the album is nice enough and good value for money, but to have six DJs at one's album release party (headed by who else but the pinnacle of bland Finnish "cool", Jori Hulkkonen) is surely taking somewhat the piss? I bet the hipster will be having a field day, but I guess I'll be smuggling booze into Lauantai Disko instead tonight

Mon, Mar. 8th, 2010, 09:15 pm

Having seen Grace Jones last year at the Flow Festival, I'd been considering going to see her again this year at Kaisafest. The event has two things going against it though. First of all, I'd have to see her in a sweaty tent, the experience surely won't be coming anywhere near last year's, and secondly she's sharing the bill with some-time novelty act (and not a very amuzing one at that, actually) Nina Hagen!
Still, since I couldn't think of any alternative to the show, I would've been prepared to put down the money anyway.

Now, though, it's turned out world's best act Roxy Music is gracing Finland with a visit! Honestly, I'd expected Erasure to drop by here before seeing Byron Ferrari again after his not-so-successful gig at Kulttuuritalo some six years ago (the performance itself was, obviously, fantastic, it's just that the place wasn't even half-packed then)!
Still, excellent news and I'm hoping for a turn-out they deserve (hi, Emmi!)

Mon, Jan. 4th, 2010, 06:24 pm

Yesterday I realized that everything about the 80s (still the best decade ever!) will turn 30 and older this decade*... Scary!
I didn't have any crisis myself when I turned 30 a couple of years ago, but maybe this can be my 30s crisis instead

* including the coolest dance moves

Mon, May. 4th, 2009, 08:46 pm

It's been since Keke's birthday that I've posted something here, shame on me!

I surprised myself by celebrating Vappu for the first time in about seven years. I usually boycot the event for the obvious reason(s), but I suppose crashing a fantastic Queen's Day party at the Dutch embassy the Wednesday before and the prospect of seeing Roger Moore on the Sunday after put me in good spirits.

Having skillfully avoided the loonies when venturing outside early Thursday evening and early Friday morning (hiding in the safety of my own home in between those times), and generally having spent time with the right people, have made this a Vappu to repeat, actually.

Getting to see Sir Roger was definitely another highpoint of my life.
Despite having been some sort of racing driver groupie during my Belgium-years, I've never been into hunting down musicians, actors, et al for photo- and autographs. It was exciting to follow around His Rogeness for a day and I was pretty miffed at getting turned away twice by his manager-slash-bodyguard type of human while trying to approach the R-ster for a good old chat.
At least I can lay claim to having enjoyed a drink in the same bar as the R Man and to his "darling wife" having smiled at me (although, in hindsight, I'm not sure anymore whether she did so because of my dashing good looks or out of pity for knowing I'd get turned down).
And also, I wish people will start to realize James Bond is an action thriller, not a comedy, but judging by the inappropriate laughters throughout "For your eyes only", it seems this realization won't be coming any time soon!

Oh yes, and in between it all I managed to attend another Club Anvil. The plan of staying all night (as for once there wouldn't be a work day following it) failed, though, as the mood got killed by a tad too many tecno-sounding ditties.

Tomorrow flat-hunting again, hoping the agent won't be such a xenophobic twat as the previous one

Sat, Dec. 6th, 2008, 01:05 pm

Happy birthday, Keke! Have a ball

Mon, Nov. 24th, 2008, 08:31 pm

Since I'm topping myself up with gin to fight the beginning of a potential flu, I thought I might as well be in the mood to update this thing again for a change!

I've had a pretty entertaining weekend, actually, and virtually cost-free too!
On Friday I was invited to join the 40th birthday celebrations of a Dutch ex-colleague. It'll be hard to top or even come close to the atmosphere there at any future party. I won't bother you with the details and will just skip to the self-indulgent bit instead...
As some of you may know I started a band last November, at the initiative of a friend I must admit (hi Kalle!), my part being the singer-songwriter. So far I 'vemanaged to write only one (the appropriately-named "The wedding song" for his wedding), though.
Anyway (!), last Friday I decided to join Hans's jamming sessions to play some drums and sing FR David's "Words" too for good measure. I really got the taste for performing now and should be more motivated now to write some proper lyrics to get our band (the aptly-named "Slow process") started for real!

And last Saturday I attended the gala dinner to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our work place. I was rather wary to go, knowing head management doesn't seem to appreciate me, but there was the promise of fancy food and free drinks after all.
Glad I went, as I had another great time. The parents (minus their children) make for some great (more free booze supplying) company and I do get along really well with some of the colleagues. How often does one meet a German who finds Sieg Heil greetings and the like amuzing anyway?

And on Sunday I finally bought a new suit again which I can't wait to show off! I like to think it fits in my Bryan Ferry collection (and I don't mean Dress Man)

Sun, Oct. 26th, 2008, 12:13 pm

I'm being such a good citizen today!
This morning I went voting in the pouring rain, along with two old grannies, and just now we saved our apartment building from burning down!

It was actually my flatmate (hi, Christiane!) who noticed the burnt smell, and sure enough the hallway was pretty funky. It was exciting to call 112 and hear the cavalry coming already in the distance while still on the phone. Two fire trucks with more than a dozen hunky men, all with one simple phone call - such power, I'm still on a high!
What with this and having had the thrill of fire practice two months ago (it was such an adrenaline rush to put out pretty flames with my own bare hands, only seperated from the fire by an itty piece of fabric), I'm now considering a career in pyromania

Thu, Oct. 23rd, 2008, 08:28 pm
Something's gotten hold of my heart and it isn't Gene

Who was I fooling?
Trying to keep away from the midnight premiere of the new Bond and forcing myself to go watch it for the first time only the next evening, pretending I've got things well under control still... Right, perhaps it is time to admit Bond fever has hit!

I just had to go out and get the new Roger Moore autobiography "My word is my bond" (How utterly witty, isn't it just?), only to find out the bookstore had one copy of the latest installment of "Bond on set", a photographic behind-the-scene book which accompanies each new Bond. Well, they did only have that one copy, surely one can understand why I had to buy it there and then!
I had to ask my flatmate to hide the book from me, though, as I want to be kept away from browsing it before I get to see the movie. The last thing I need is some peeks at what to expect.

I guess I'm writing this entry to break the news to parties concerned (hi, Emilia!) that I'm throwing money out of the window again! In my defence, I would've had to buy this book at some point anyway and now that I've got it done and over with, my budget for next month is in actual fact larger.
Also, I'll be living on toast from now on, so no need to worry I can't take aforementioned parties out for dinner and such this month

Wed, Oct. 22nd, 2008, 09:11 pm

Finally bought my ticket(s) for Friday 7 November's "Quantum of solace". I'm dragging Davy along, who will be visiting me from Belgium over the weekend, and I'm gonna have to hang on until 18.45, which means I'll be missing out on 14 screenings before I get to see the new Bond for the first time. A quick calculation leads me to estimate that some 877,637 Finns will see the movie before me then!
I'm trying to get off to a sensible start, though, as I feel I'm gonna want to break my number of "Casino Royale" viewings (for which I went to the theatre a respectable seven times).

Things have been running along smoothly here otherwise. Been churning out another model car, although I'll spare you the picture links this time (unless you insist, of course), booking another flight to Stockholm for next month, and eagerly awaiting Emilia's mid-term break in Finland before that (next week already, yay!).
What with my dj-gig in Anvil coming up, the usual nightmares have started again! I like to think I don't get nervous before dj'ing, but every time a gig is due I get these dreams where I have to play my CDs on a three-in-one radio-tape-and-cd deck or where I realize the moment I start playing that I only brought 10 or so discs with me.

Here's to next week then

Fri, Oct. 10th, 2008, 10:26 pm

I just have to use this opportunity to announce that The Lotus Eaters are my new favourite band! Well, I suppose Roxy Music still beats them, but at the moment I just adore this band, which criminally is just an 80s obscurity.
I've had "The first picture of you" and "You don't need someone new" in my collection for a long time, and I suppose they were in the back of my mind when I picked up a 12" of the first this past summer. Since then it's been hard tracking down mp3s, but I've come at a point where I'm willing to put down 40€ for an LP of theirs, which is what they seem to go for at eBay! Or then maybe I'll just have to look for an ignorant shopkeeper who sells their albums from the 1€ bin

Enough rambling, see for yourself!
The First Picture Of You
German Girl
Love Still Flows
It Hurts
(only up for 7 days, apparently)

Things are going fine otherwise. Been a pretty buzy week with lots of extracurricular activities for work: a Teachers vs Parents sports event on Tuesday, with me amazingly coming second in running and equally amazing playing football, and an International Food Evening on Thursday, which was great fun as I got to dress up again and stuff my face with plenty of outlandish dishes, but exhausting too as it basically meant having to be social and outgoing from 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening

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